2014: Year of the New

Long time no see to everyone!

I have been a busy man for the last infinante number of months since my last post.

A quick recap:

1) I moved to a new town in a new house with a few friends (probably will be moving again in July)

2) Had a good 4 month span when I was working 3 jobs to pay the bills (part of the reason for the blog hiatus)

3) Started a new full time job at The Gym of Armonk (yes it’s called The Gym)

4) Just celebrated 6 months with my girlfriend Katie =)

5) Getting closer and closer to starting my full fledged website TangrediStrengh.com

Quickly jumping all the way down to number 5 on that list…

I am offically launching myself as a brand with Tangredi Strength where I plan to have big ideas set up in the near future.  I hope to have products down the road as in programs and hopefully an ebook.  My biggest contribution in the works is Distance Coaching.

How would you like to have me as your one on one Coach/Trainer, but cannot afford to pay upwards of 100 dollars an hour for my time.  With distance coaching it takes all of the great things about having a one on one trainer and makes it convient for you in all aspects. 

It all starts with an online assessment (probably through skype) where we will talk about your goals and health history etc.  From there we will go though a small movement assessmet to look at essentially how your body moves.  I will then design your program based on your goals.  You will get acess to a private email (only used for clients) as well as access to my online video database of all of the exercises.  The email address is used for any and all questions you may have that will be answered in priority to any other emails I may recieve.

You get all of this for a fraction of what you would pay for a top of the line one on one trainer.

Details will follow soon along with the all new TangrediStrength.com

I will still continue to post on the blog, but the blog will be integrated into the new website so this site will be elimated in the coming months.

So to summarize I am still alive and here doing what I love, and I hope it make 2014 my biggest year as a strengh coach!


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