Exercises I love Doing and You Should be Doing Too! – Barbell Rollouts

I made a post earlier this year about the phenomenal exercise the Stability Ball Rollout.  

I am here today to give you a variation of said exercise.  One that will challenge your body both physically and mentally.

The Barbell Rollout incorporates the same movement pattern as the Stability Ball Rollout, but adds a huge degree of difficulty because of the fact that you are now rolling with an external load.

As with the Stability Ball Rollouts it is important to remember to maintain full hip extension throughout the entire movement.  If you start to flex your hips on the return part of the exercise it completely disengages the core and will not give you any benefit at all.

What the Barbell Rollout offers that the Stability Ball Rollout does not is more anterior core activation to maintain neutral spine.  Because you need to “pull” the weight of the bar back towards you on the way up you are activating more muscles in your upper body that causes you to hate life.  

I have 135lbs on the bar in the video and that made it pretty difficult.  I would start with that weight, or if you have bumper plates in the 10 or 25lb range to use those to start (opposed to regular 10 or 25 pound plates that will cause the bar to be lower than standard height).

Give it a try and let me know what you guys think!


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