Fitness Stuff You Should Be Reading!

Eric Cressey: 7 Ways To Get Strong Outside of the Sagittal Plane

excerpt from the article:

“We all know that folks don’t tend to do well in terms of health, movement quality, or performance when they spend their entire lives in the sagittal plane.  They aren’t as well prepared for life’s surprises (e.g., slipping on the ice) or life’s challenges (beer league softball fly balls to the gap).  They often lack adductor length and have poor hip rotation, and compensate with injurious movement compensation strategies at the knee and lower back.  This knowledge gave rise to a central tenet of the functional training era: multi-planar training.

Unfortunately, it’s just just as simple as telling folks to train in all three planes, as there is a progression one must go through to stay healthy while reaping the benefits of these new exercises.  I thought I’d outline my start-to-finish progression strategy.”


Dan John: 5 Key Principles via Tnation

This article is about goals, why you should set them, and how to adhere to them.


Eric Cressey: 8 Things I learned in 2012 via Tnation

Eric puts out one of these every year, and each year is better than the last.  Well worth taking a few minutes to read on even the smartest most successful coaches in this industry are still learning as they go on! 




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