Fitness Stuff You Should Be Reading!

Greg Robbins: Ten Things for Under $10 Ten Things for Under $10 (part 2)

Greg Robbins is the Newest Strength Coach At Cressey Performance, he has been featured in Men’s Health, EliteFTS, as well as a regular on Eric Cressey’s Blog.  These articles are for 10 cheap tools that everyone should have in their collection and you guessed it, they all cost under 10 dollars.


Mike Robertson: Investing In Yourself 

Mike Robertson talks about how in each career you need some sort of continuing education not only to meet certain job requirements, but to better yourself in your profession.n  He goes on to say that in order for you to get the best at what you do you should be spending at least 5-10% of your annual income on Continuing Education.


Eric Cressey: Strength Training Programs: Coaching the Dumbell Pullover 

I’m glad that somebody finally made a post about this topic, because time and time again I have seen this exercise done incorrectly.  Its not about how far you can reach the dumbell behind your head, its about how far you can reach it while remaining in full hip extension,  without arching your back.





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