Fitness Stuff You Should Be Reading!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I recently started a second job and it has consumed a lot of my “free” time, my current “free” time is occupied now by entertaining my dog, and napping.  I will definitely try to post here more often in the 3-4 times per week range.


If your problem with your fitness goes doesn’t seem to be at the gym, but more of in your diet, then look no further.  The E-book Anabolic Cooking by Dave Ruel is by far one of the best cookbooks out there.  It offers endless resources for cooking methods, and what will give you the results you want in your diet.  In Fact this week the book is on sale for 37$  (40$ off the cover price) so I suggest you head over to the page, and pick it up (not literally cause its an e-book).


Today’s Tnation article is titled “8 Tips from an 800 pound Bencher”.  Simply put, if a guy can bench 800 pounds, you should probably listen to what he has to say.


Pavel is well known in the fitness community for some of his revolutionary ideas and posts.  This one is slightly different though.  This article relates to ones “manlyness” and at what age do we truly lose it.  Case in point, this article is about a 75 year old man who competed in a deadlifting meat and was able to pull 407 pounds (a world record at his age btw).  So check it out!



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