Fitness Stuff You Should Be Reading!

I haven’t posted this in a while so there will be a string of Tnation articles because last week a good number of them were pumped out so here we go!


First up is Dean Somerset’s article about stretching!  He adds his thoughts to the new research that shows that stretching doesn’t work. Period!

Tony Gentilecore – Squatting – Enough said….read it!


Dan John talks about foam rollers that while they are great for you and give you amazing benefits, people are spending too much time worrying about it and spending less time on what is really important – Lifting some goddamn heavy weight (direct quote)


Here is a multi-author post about pull ups.  6 different coaches weigh in on the importance of them as well as their own little tweaks on the exercise.


Eric Cressey put out a whole “Best of 2012” blog articles post and it really showed me what I missed this year, so check them out as well!




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