Fitness Stuff You Should Be Reading!

Ben Bruno’s Tnation article entitled “Is your leg strength up to snuff”.  It’s a great article on where your leg strength should be as far as bilateral vs. unilateral training.  here’s a small excerpt from the article: “So if you can trap bar deadlift 450 pounds for 6 reps, you should strive to be able to Bulgarian split squat 225 pounds for 6 reps.”  He talks about absolute strength vs. relative strength, which is always an interesting topic.


Mike Robertson posted a blog recently about the neutral spine.  This is an extremely important thing to have.  I can’t count how many times I’ve seen people doing deadlifts with hugely rounded backs (I used to be this way, god I was an idiot).  While the neutral spine is important in the deadlift, what does “neutral” spine really mean?  Mike goes into great depth about what it really means to keep a neutral spine, and when/how it should be used.  Great Article!


I am about to blow your mind:  Squats are not just for the quads!  Squats are also great for the hamstrings and glutes.  Bret Contreras “the glute guy” has done a bunch of research (cause he is good at that) and has found the best squat depth for maximum glute activation.  So yes squats are great for the quads, but to get a nice butt (double but(t) was intentional) definitely do more squats.  Check out his article and see for yourself!


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