Hangover Mondays!

Happy Monday Everyone!  Hope everyone had an eventful weekend.

I spent the weekend at my parents house doing Christmas related things (getting the tree, decorating, etc).

Sunday however was a very eventful day!

I went to the Giants vs. Saints game and it was Glorious!

This was my First Game at the New Giants Stadium and I had a blast.2012-12-09_16-25-31_307

Not To Mention that the Giants spanked the Saints and scored 52 points against them, no easy feat by any team!



Now onto the Important Stuff:

Good News Everyone!

images (8)

I got a new Job!

Starting this week sometime (still working out the fine print) I will be working at Elite Human Performance In Danbury, Ct.

The owner Christian Oropeza is an extremely like minded individual and I am happy that he has brought me on to his successful business that he has built from the ground up in the last 5 years.

He wants to incorporate my specialty (The Functional Movement Screen) into each of his clients programs, so I feel that I will fit in perfectly.

Hopefully his website (www.EHPFIT.com) will soon have a link to my blog (you know the thing that you are reading right now?) and that will add some exposure to my work.

I will keep you posted on the details as they develop.

Hope everyone has a good week!




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