How the Trainer Trains!

I get asked over and over again by clients as well as random people what I do for my workouts.

The simple answer I tell them is: It Depends!

As a Fitness Professional I am always varying or tweaking exercises in and out of my program to not only add variety, but to see if certain exercises work better for me than others.

I quoted Dan John  in a previous post about “What you do in the first 15 minutes of your workout is probably the most important, treat it as such”.  The first exercises in your workout should be the one that you want to improve the most, and that is the way I write my programs.

I currently have been plagued with some slight knee discomfort.  Mainly during single leg exercises (lunges, split squats).  I do not want to take anything away from my quad dominant training, while performing some rehab exercises for the knee.  I have been focusing more on bilateral movements, specifically Goblet Squats (a front squat variation).

Since the weight in the goblet squat is anterior on your body, it automatically puts your body into a slight posterior shift (to account for your body’s center of gravity).  This allows you to sit back into your squat and places less stress on the knee when squatting (not that a traditional back squat puts that much more on it).

I also try to do at least one deadlift variation each training day.  I alternate between bilateral and single leg Hip Dominant exercises.

As of right now this is how my week is planned out:

Monday: RDL’s

Tuesday: Single Leg Barbell Deadlifts (stiff leg)

Wednesday: Sumo Deadlifts

Thursday: Single Leg RDL’s

Friday: Trap Bar Deadlift

The weight/rep scheme will obviously be different for each exercises.  On the Single Leg movements I am doing a 6-8 rep per set scheme, and the Bilateral Movements I am doing a 3-5 rep per set scheme.

My upper body work lately has been spuratic since my current main focus is on my deadlifts.  I am however working on hitting the milestone of benching 315 (currently sitting at 305 with extreme poise).  A few months ago I was barely able to put up 275 (where I was at for about 2 years) and recently I put up 295, and then 305 (on separate days), so 315 is not to far off the horizon for me.

I always make sure I hit all of the primary upper body movements at least twice per week to facilitate my body’s needs, again weight/reps currently is not a huge factor.

One of the few things in my programming that always remains constant is my warmup.  I always start out with about 5 or so minutes of foam rolling.  Followed by some mobility drills to maintain my bodys movement qualities.  From there I move on to some activation drills (this varies depending on what muscle groups I am working that day.

After my warmup I usually do a few sets of Turkish Get-Ups super set with some Close Grip Hang Snatches.  Strength Coach Mike Boyle suggests performing the close grip snatch as opposed to the regular wide grip as it is a lot easier on your shoulders.

Here is a video of the close grip snatch just for a visual:

So the moral of the story is that my training isn’t so much different from the average gym-goer.  The one thing to take away from this is to remember that varying up your routine is always an acceptable thing, just make sure the exercises you are swapping out/in are not taking away from the primary movements that your body needs.


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