Fitness Stuff You Should Be Reading!

Eric Cressey just put out a new article on Squat and Deadlift technique.  His main focus of the article was about cuing the squat/deadlift by saying “knees out”, he has a short video on how/why that may not be enough of a cue.

Charlie Weingrof never disappoints with his articles.  His mind works in ways that no other person in this field could ever comprehend.  His article is about feet position during the squat, showing the variations that most people do, and why most of them are horrible for you.  Prepare for your mind to melt.

This article is for the ladies.  Its an article from Nia Shanks (a woman) entitled “Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights”.  Its a very informative article that gives women a females prospective on why they should lift heavy.





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