Hangover Mondays – The Gmen do it again!

Just checking in to make sure no one was trampled over when you HAD to go shopping at Midnight on Black Friday, because you absolutely HAD to get that crock pot that was 50% off the normal price.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving week(end).  I did my usual go to my grandmothers house for dinner and pass out before dessert, and it was a success.  The weekend was pretty relaxing otherwise.

Saturday Night I attended my friends band Evolutionary War (www.Evolutionarywarmusic.com). Sorry to make a plug like that but they are seriously really good.  They had a EP release show where they officially released…You guessed it, Their new EP “Life on High”. (good times were had by all).


The New York Football Giants are back on track again.  All it took was the bye week to get refocused and refueled.  They embarrassed the Packers 38-10 and sacked Aaron Rodgers 5 times.  Here’s my take on how the game went.  For everyone who knows the Giants they are notorious for making every game come down to the last possession.  I felt so comfortable with the Giants lead last night that I went to bed with 8 minutes left in the game, knowing that they were going to win.

Eric Cressey is having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal on a few of his (and others) fitness related stuff.  He puts out a lot of great material with everything from optimal shoulder performance, to the best (cookie cutter) strength and conditioning program I have ever seen (fuck P90x).  So head on over to his website and check out his stuff while its still on sale.


So This past Friday at the gym I decided to test my max in the Trap Bar Deadlift (currently sits at 510lbs).  Back story: 2 weeks ago I deadlifted every single god damn day to compete in a high volume deadlifting challenge (took 5th place overall go me!).  Then I promptly took a week off from deadlifting all together.  I managed to Pull 490 lbs (missed my 510 attempt).

However my 490 pull seemed to be a lot faster than it has been in the past so this might be a good sign that my deadlift will be going up really soon!

So for your enjoyment here is my 490lb deadlift:


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