Hangover Mondays!

Happy Monday Everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed a relaxing weekend.  Mine was as well with the exception of Sunday, which was spent chopping wood for my Grandma.  I fit the part of Paul Bunyan perfectly with my Movember Beard, I was only missing the plaid shirt.

A Big Congratulations to my good friend Dan Harding for completing the Philly Marathon Yesterday!  He finished in a time of 3 hours 27 minutes and 38 seconds (a P.R. from his first marathon), I must say that its a pretty respectable time.  I know from past experience (I ran the Philly Marathon last year), that training for it is no cakewalk.  It takes at least 6 months of dedication and preparation to be fully ready for the 26.2 mile death race.

For the first time in over 20 years Notre Dame is ranked #1 in the BCS standings (last time was in 1988) with only one game left in their season.  This is big for Notre Dame because since they are not part of a conference it is difficult for them to get a high ranking based on strength of schedule (and the dark wizards that control the BCS rankings, who also are in fact in love with Alabama).  I hope they do win the championship, they have worked hard this year and are a great team, and really do deserve to win this!

Thanksgiving week is upon us.  A time when we give thanks for all that we have and share it with the people we love (Untill we all go shopping the next day and trample everyone in sight).


Also football….Lots and Lots of Football!!!

I guess I will start off with a few things that I know you are going to do:

  • Your going to stuff your face with a lot of food
  • You are going to drink….a lot! (most of you at least)
  • You will take a nap after dinner

You don’t have to let Thanksgiving completely tear apart your fitness/diet program.  One day of eating/drinking bad isn’t going to completely destroy your body.  Just don’t overdue it.  Fill your plate with turkey and veggies first, then if there is room left on the plate, add a little stuffing and/or potatoes.  Keep those starchy carbs  to a minimum and you will be okay.  

Basically don’t be like John Goodman (ala family guy):


Pending the Weather (depending on where you live) go for a walk after dinner (but only during halftime of the football game).  It will help your body digest that massive mound of food you just ate.


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