Exercises I love doing and you should be doing too! -Suitcase Deadlifts-

The Suitcase Deadlift is a great variation to the traditional “trap bar” deadlift.  Not only does it target one side of the body, but it also adds a rotational aspect to the lift as well.  It is a great exercise for hip stability, as well as offering a benefit for any individual who has some hip asymmetrical strength (one hip is stronger than the other).  

The goal of this lift is to start with a weight on the floor (or on a block) at your side.  Then bend over to pick up the weight, and pick up the weight.  The main focus here is to imagine that you are picking up weight on both sides of your body (don’t rotate your body to the side of the dumbell, make sure your body stays neutral during the descent).  So not only are you getting a great deadlift variation, you are also getting a great core exercise because you need to brace yourself from 1) rotating during the pull and 2) tipping over to one side during the pull.  


Here is a video of the Suitcase Deadlift.  Notice how I start my descent as you would a normal deadlift.  Then Pick up the Kettle Bell and Stand back up, trying your best to keep a normal deadlift form.  This will not only hammer out your deadlift, but will do a good number on your core as well.


Speaking of deadlifting (among other manly things) I have been participating in Tony Gentilecore’s (www.tonygentilcore.com) deadlift challenge on Weighttraining.com.  The objective of this challenge is to see who can deadlift the most weight (in volume) over the course of the week.  

I’m here to say that high volume training SUCKS!  Yes I have been pulling an absurd amount of weight over the last 5 days (with one more to go), and I am really looking forward for it to be over.  I am happy to say that so far I am in 4th place overall (out of 67 people), which I have to say is pretty impressive on my part.  The top 2 are wayyy out in front so there is no hope to catch them but If I have a good day tomorrow I could possibly move up into 3rd.  I plan on taking a week off of deadlifting after this (Possibly trying out Tony’s 4x a week Squat Program) and my glutes will thank me for that.


Hope everyone is excited for JAMES BOND this weekend! Skyfall looks to be Daniel Craig’s best Bond film so far and I hope it fully exceeds my expectations.


Have a good weekend everyone!



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