Fitness Stuff You Should Be Reading!

Today’s Article is from Strength Coach Ben Bruno (  He specializes in single leg training and his article today is about just that, with a little more.  He gives a really good argument against traditional Back Squats in favor of Single Leg Squats. He also goes into detail about Dumbell Rows vs. Barbell Rows.


Today from Bret Contreras ( posted a very interesting article about some new research about your glutes and how they interact with your knee biomechanics during the Forward Lunge. (Be forewarned, this article gets a little technical with the terms)


Dean Somerset is a Strength Coach who has really shed light in the fitness industry, taking topics people have long discussed and really put them into perspective for a lot of us.  This article is about all things manly.  He is a regular contributor to Tnation and has really earned the respect he gets.



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