Exercises I love Doing and you Should be Doing too! -Kettle Bell Goblet Squat Ride-Downs-

Goblet Squats are phenomenal.  They give the opportunity for almost everyone to squat with an external load.  A lot of people use the Goblet Squat as a mobility exercise before they Front Squat, because it offers a similar exercise with substantially less load.

The Goblet Squat Ride-Down works the opposite effect.  Stability and Motor Control at the bottom position of the squat is what this exercise targets.

The exercise obviously starts with the goblet squat.  Grab the Kettle Bell by the horns (ala White Goldman) and stand in a normal squat stance(feet shoulder width apart with the toes turned slightly outward at a 10-20 degree angle).  Next drop into full squat depth ensuring that the weight travels vertically in a straight line.

Pause in the bottom position of the squat (make sure you avoid the “tuck under” of your lower spine).  From this position carefully place the Kettle Bell on the floor.  Brace your body here and then let go of the kettle bell.

You will really need to work here in order to keep yourself from falling backwards.  Hold this position for a few seconds (breathe).  Pick up the kettle bell into goblet position and stand back up.

You don’t need to use heavy weight here, that is not the point.  The point is to help you build up motor control in the squat pattern.  I use an 8kg kettle bell for the exercise and I find it almost too difficult when I jump up to a 12kg Kettle bell.  I will restate that this should not be used for strength training, it is more of a stability exercise.

Disclaimer:  This exercise is for people who can squat (obviously).  If you cannot squat to full depth (or at least parallel) this exercise is not for you.  Work on your mobility to make sure you can squat before you add an external load to the exercise.

Here is the short video of the exercise.  Take notice of the small pause at the bottom when I put the kettle bell down.  This is where all of the “work” is happening.

Give it a try with just a few reps as a warm-up to your squat, It will really fire up your core and get you ready for the demand that the squat brings.

Have a good weekend!


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