Fitness Stuff You Should Be Reading!

Sorry for my lack of involvement the last 2 days, my gym has been closed due to no power from Hurricane Sandy, so I have been really lazy on making a post.  Won’t happen again because I have confirmed that my gym is open tomorrow so lazyness will cease as of tonight!


Eric Cressey’s newest blog: Strength Training Technique: 8 Ways to Screw up a Row

Pretty much self explanatory but gives very good advice for rowing exercises and shows mistakes that pretty much everyone makes.

Bret Contreras’ most recent contribution to

20 Almost Laws of Strength Training

It is about things that you don’t necessarily “need” to do at the gym, but would be nice if you do.


An article from Strength Coach Mike Robertson on Floor Press (disclaimer: this is a long article, but it is well worth the read)


Hope everyone on the east coast is recovering from Sandy.  Happy Hump Day!




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