Fitness Stuff You Should Be Reading!

Ben Bruno is arguably the most functionally strong person on the planet.  He is always coming up with new exercises to challenge yourself and your manhood.  He is the king of Single Leg exercises.  He is a regular contributor to Tnation as well as his own website

His most recent Tnation article entitled “Sissy Exercises That Aren’t” is a great article about exercises that you wouldn’t normally think of doing because they are too “girly”, but are in fact extremely challenging.

Eric Cressey is a very gifted individual.  As Co-Owner of Cressey Performance in Hudson, Ma. He specializes in training baseball players from high school all the way to professional.  This article from his website ( from last year is about not letting distractions affect your lifting program.

Bret Contreras is another extremely smart individual.  He is constantly doing research in the fitness industry about the latest trends, techniques, and exercises to help keep this industry at the top.  This article is about Kettle Bell Swings.  A lot of people do kettle bell swings and MOST of you do them wrong. This article goes really in depth about the swing and ensures that you do it properly to give you the necessary effect.  Everyone should read this article and learn something from it.

Happy Hump Day!



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