Fitness Stuff You Should be Reading!

I always keep up on the latest blog posts/research studies/T-nation articles etc. and I want to share the wealth with all of you.  

It gives you the knowledge that there is more out there then Men’s/Women’s Health magazine and other “popular” fitness journals.  

These articles are from some of the Smartest people in this field, and you can definitely learn a thing or two from reading what they have to say.

First up is an article from Tony Gentilecore.  He is a Strength Coach who Co-Owns Cressey Performance in Hudson Ma.  Cressey Performance specializes in baseball performance and has had several professional baseball players consistently work out there in the off season.

Tony’s article entitled “Glutes are the new Biceps” really goes in depth about why most people “guys” tend to work their Biceps consistently at the gym, but lack any sort of lower body development.  Tony is a deadlifting machine so I think he knows what he is talking about.

Next up is an article from the great Charlie Weingroff.  He is arguably the smartest person in this field on the planet.  He is a Physical Therapist as well as a Strength Coach.  I have had the amazing opportunity to hear him speak when he was invited to come to my old gym for a small seminar.  My mind was blown the way this guy thinks and how quickly he can pick up on dysfunctional movement, but also how to correct it without blinking an eye.

This article is about your foot position during the squat.  The FMS’s (Functional Movement Screen)( first screen is the overhead deep squat, which you have both of your feet pointing straight forward as you descend into the squat.  Normally during the squat your toes should be pointed slightly outward at about a 20 degree angle (stated in the book Starting Strength).  Charlie goes extremely in depth on foot position as well as the differences with flat feet vs. high arches.  Overall a great read.

The last article I am giving you is from T-nation ( from the legendary Dan John.  He is extremely wise beyond his years, and even though he is older than most of the current Strength Coaches, he has adapted to the changing methods of fitness with open arms.  He was a Power Lifter in his early days and has kept a similar training style as he grew.  

His article “Tough or Resonable” talks about your body’s capacity to handle the differences between Tough Workouts and Reasonable Workouts, as well as Tough Diets vs. Reasonable Diets.  As always from Dan, a great read and it always keeps me wanting more.


Hope you all enjoy these articles as I did and take something away from them.


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