Exercises I love doing, and you Should be doing too! -Lateral Rope Pulls-

I love core work!

Having a strong and stable core sets up the foundation for every single exercise you do in the gym (and yes that includes curls).  

With that said, that doesn’t mean that doing a million and one crunches every day will suffice.  Crunches do not increase core stability and are arguably one of the worst exercises for your core (I will go more in depth on this in a later post).

Your core works in many different dimensions, Rotational, Extension, Diagonal, etc. So it only makes sense to work the core in these dimensions (but with a twist).  By working your core against these dimensions you will actually be strengthening your core as well as saving your lumbar spine from injury (which is great because everyone and their mother has complained about lower back pain at one point or another).

So now onto one of my favorite “Anti-Rotational” core exercises, the Lateral Rope Pull

(sorry for the poor video quality, working on that)

This is a great exercise for those “love handles” as well as for hip stabilization.  It’s very important that you have no rotation in your lumbar spine for the exercise.  It’s okay however to have minimal rotation in your thoracic spine during the movement.

Start with a wide foot stance (wider than shoulder width).  With the rope set up at about waist high squeeze those glutes and swing your arms around across your body.  Try keep your arms as straight as possible.  The motion should swing the rope out in front of your body a little, not keeping the rope right up against your body.

Try 3 sets of 10 reps (make sure you do it to both sides) with a weight that is heavy, but doesn’t cause you to have to rotate at your hips.


Hope everyone has a good weekend filled with baseball (sorry Mets fans) and football.  Go Giants! 


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